Recipe of The Week: Breakfast Burgers

Written By: Pastrami
Tailgating is an all day event. Sometimes you need to mix in a couple meals through out the day to ensure you are going to make it out alive.
Now breakfast is great and all, but it is even better when you mix it with lunch. Today we will be whipping up some breakfast burgers that will be your base layer for your day load!
What you will need:
Burgers (Seasoned to your liking)
Cheese (Cooper Sharp if you are a real American)
This recipe is going to call for a griddle. The grill is not going to help us out today.
– Begin by cooking the Burgers, Bacon and Pork Roll on medium heat,
– While the meats are cooking begin to lightly butter the buns
– Flip meats to cook the other side, Chug some beer
– Place Cheese on burgers until melted
– Remove meat from grill and place on a paper towl lined tray.
– Place Buttered buns and eggs on the griddle. Do not cook buns too long, we do not want them to be too crunchy.
– Once eggs are cooked, start to layer together. My preference is Bottom Bun, Burger, Pork Roll Egg, Bacon and then top bun…But who really gives a shit. Any way you stack its gonna be damn delicious.
This Brunch Burger is going to give you and your boys the most outrageous sense of manly pride you will ever experience. Hair is going to grow thicker on your chest and your voice will drop 3 octives and you will now have the base you needed to take down more beers then you you would like to admit to your mother.