Tailgate Toolkit

Some guy named Biz Stone who is way smarter than I will ever be said, “Even the simplest tools can empower people to do great things.” I am sure he was talking about resources and overcoming obstacles. However, on a deeper level I realize every good tailgater must have the a tailgate tool kit. No, not a real tool kit I am talking about some form of a plastic container that is packed with the essentials. Over time the essentials expand because who doesn’t think having a deck of cards on hand isn’t completely necessary?

The basic of the the tool kit is keep all of the essentials in one spot. The starter tool kit should have the following items:

Trash Bags– Keep your shit off the ground. You never want to be labeled that group.

Cutlery- Can’t eat potato salad with your hands

Plates– Kind of self explanatory .

Grill Lighter-Rarely needed because someone usually has a lighter.

Koozies– Warm beer sucks.

Paper Towels– Gotta clean stuff.

Napkins– Gotta clean yourself.

All purpose cleaner– You will be happier unloading the car the next day when it’s clean and it’s not as sticky as fraternity basement.

Tylenol– Midday headaches are the worst.

Bottle Opener– A witty explanation is not really necessary.

Below is an example of my toolkit that has all the essentials packed inside.IMG_4235


Go out to Walmart, Target, or wherever you shop and spend the 10 bucks and start getting organized.