Cinco de Derby 2018

The Kentucky Derby

How ironic is it that the biggest tailgate of the year, ends up being on Cinco de Mayo, one of the largest drinking holidays of the year?  I’m not too excited about this.  Two holidays where its acceptable to drink all day, morphed into one kamikaze drinking holiday is cool.  But let’s be honest, we can only black out once in a day.  It’s the old quality or quantity.  Give me the quantity on this one.  I’m also a big theme guy, and the Cinco de Mayo theme does not go with the frat derby douche theme.  The coolest thing coming from this is the fact that Cinco de Derby just rolls off the fucking tongue.


Top 3 Horse Names


  1. Bolt D’Oro – I had to google what D’Oro meant, and when I did I immediately said this horse has the best name of the field. Bolt Gold = Cocky af.
  2. My Boy Jack – We all got a boy named Jack. S/O J Day
  3. Good Magic – Typically you get some chaz who names his horse black magic, or dark magic like he’s some Yu Gi Oh card. This also reminds me of Dr. Strange.


Who’s going to win?

To be honest, I don’t know shit about horses. Vegas has “Justify” winning the Derby this year, I disagree.  How do you bet against a horse named Bolt Gold?  Also, Victor Espinoza aka the Jordan of Jockeys is jockeying him.  I don’t even know if that is the right “equestrian” terminology.


Put your money on Bolt D’Oro.