Your Tailgate Your Tank

Well it’s finally over 70 degrees and that can only mean one thing: Suns out Guns out. To be honest, the main reason we do tri/bi’s on Friday’s is to make sure those 17 inch super soakers look prime for the weekend. That tank you rock to the tailgate can say a lot about you and your personality as a bro.

Tank Top

The Frat Bro special baby. My personal favorite. My typical summer tailgate outfit consist of Khaki shorts, a tank and my black polo hat (that hat has been through some shit). The classic tank says a lot about you & chances are you enjoy being the life of the tailgate. Most likely you can be spotted playing classic games such as corn-hole, Kan-Jam, pong, and flip cup; most of all seen while trying to hit on that girl way out of your league.  Always a great addition to the group.

The DIY Tank

Chances are if you are rocking a homemade tank out in public, it can mean one of two thing. First, the shirt you are wearing is not the first shirt you have ever cut the sleeves off of. You consider yourself an athlete. You go to the gym and would label yourself a weekend warrior. In all reality you were a mediocre high school or college athlete with a severe injury history.  You can always be found at the tailgate trying to start the game of rough touch football or calling himself the grill king.

The Pinny

This person is also known as the lax bro. A good edition to the group. This dude is always down to slug beers. You can usually spot them in some form of pinny that has some novelty graphic or a reference to their collegiate days. Their hair has a good flow that is usually covered by a backwards hat as well. Great at backyard games which will ultimately piss off the guy in the DIY tank.

The sleeveless shirt

The worst of the worst If you see this person at your tailgate, hand them a shirt and promptly make sure they get iced at some point during the day.