Cracking a Cold One: Avengers

No, I was not a huge comic book kid.  I loved the different Marvel movies growing up, but just not a huge comic book guy. 

Avengers Infinity War hit the theaters this past weekend on 04/27 and is already the biggest domestic and worldwide opening of ALL TIME.  Yes, this movie is ALL TIME.  I saw the film, it was dope. SPOILER ALERT *The movie takes you on a roller coaster of emotions, it’s got everything.  Story line, action, back stabbing, and everyone fucking dies.* I was left with a void, and until the finale comes out in 2019, I’m going to fill it by writing articles about how I want to drink beer and tailgate with these guys.  Check out this elite cast of Marvel characters I’d like to crack a cold one with.


Dr Strange – Wildcard

I didn’t realize how much of a badass Dr. Strange was until I finally saw Infinity War.  I actually had to go home and watch his movie on Netflix.  The dude basically has a 3D printer in the palm of his hands.  Need a beer refill “Yo Doc, refill me with a Teddy?” boom, beer. Invaluable IMO. I would say the beer refill would be his coolest Tailgate power, but one could argue the fact that his ability to change time would be the most useful.  Having a great time and don’t want the tailgate to end? Messed up your opportunity with the hot chick who’s been eyeing you all day?

“Yo Doc, turn it back like 20 minutes?” $20 bucks you still fuck it up, but shooters shoot.


Iron Man – High Tech, Brings a maid

First things first, I would love to down some brews with RDJ, but respect the fact that he’s been sober for years.  But this isn’t about Robert Downey Jr, this is about a fictional super hero that I want to drink beer with.  For starters, you know Tony is bringing top of the line Stark Industries grilling equipment.  To be honest I’m not sure what that would make the patties and dogs taste like, but we all know its gonna be good. Second, Stark Industries is probably going to have next gen tailgate games.  Some out of this world shit.  However, I’m torn on what would be better, the artificial intelligence maid, or the jet pack rides.  On one hand, you literally wouldn’t have to lift a finger to get a burger or hotdog or even refill your beer (thanks Doc), but how many times can you say you flew a jet pack? Probably none because Iron Man is unfortunately a fictional character.


Spider-Man – Culture and convenience

Peter Parker is a homie.  For a little bit after Toby McGuire left, he was a bit suspect, but the bro is back.  You’re probably asking what a guy who has the abilities of a spider can bring to the table at a tailgate.  Easy, if you or anyone in the tailgate crew forgot something, Spider-Man is going to be able to get there and back before anyone else can.  “Cool who the hell cares?” I think it’s pretty convenient to have someone like that. Also, you know he definetly has a few of Aunt May’s recipes laying around somewhere.  RIP Auntie May.