A Stadium of Speculation: LAFC Banc of California Stadium Grand Opening

How Will It Tailgate? Part 1 of 2

By: S&P

The day is drawing near that Banc of California stadium has its grand opening on Sunday, April 29, 2018. Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC), Major Leagues Soccer newest addition, will take on the struggling Seattle Sounders. LAFC opened up their season against the Sounders in Seattle and pulled out a major upset victory. But alas, your writer bet the +350 dog to take the win for a very nice payday. Sorry, I had to gloat, but now let’s move on to what is most important – How will Banc of California Stadium tailgate?

There are many questions whirling around my mind that keep me up at night regarding this tailgating situation. I’ve got my “shirtsy” and original season ticket holder member scarf ready to go, but how will the fans of this team tailgate? How will the stadium tailgate? Should I be expecting a massive party with grilling, soccer balls getting kicked around, corn hole bags flying through the air, and ice-cold drinks being consumed? Or, should I be expecting fans eagerly trying to make their way into the stadium early to try and get a glimpse of Will Ferrell, Nomar Garciaparra, Mia Hamm, or Magic Johnson, just to name a few of the many LAFC owners? In order to try to get some idea on how to prepare for this event, I took to Google in search of answers.

Not trying to scare anyone, but I am a little worried. One of the first things I see about Banc of California Stadium, located at 3939 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California, is that parking is limited and will run you $35 per car. I know space is limited in Los Angeles and parking is generally nonexistent, but come on, we need that space to tailgate! I also see that the stadium is encouraging fans to take advantage of Lyft to get to the game. Now, I am glad the stadium has partnered with Lyft, but that begs the question, where does my tailgating equipment go? Where am I supposed to leave it when I go into the stadium? These facts have me worried.

But I am staying optimistic. Such a fun team to watch with some of the greatest fans have to pregame the game with an exceptional tailgate experience, right? This ladies and gentlemen, is where I leave you until part 2, in which I will let all of the readers know how the tailgating is. Fingers crossed that it exceeds expectations and leaves us begging for more. But who knows, this new stadium may be a tailgate bust, and not another article will ever be written after the next. Only time will tell.