How to pick up a girl at a tailgate – a girl’s perspective.

When you think about it, the most opportune time to pick up that hottie you’ve had your eye on is when mass amounts of alcohol are flowing. Whether it be a nearby bar, basement party, open bar wedding reception, or of course, tailgates; nothing screams “take me home” more than screaming into each other’s ears over summer hits of the 90’s music. So, without further a due, I present to you the golden list on how to pick up a girl at a tailgate.

1)      Ask her what she’s drinking.

This is always a good conversation starter. It’s great because it doesn’t actually matter what she’s drinking. You’re either gonna like it and think she has good taste in alcohol or disagree with her beverage of choice (unless she’s drinking tequila, then that = crazy). Either way it’s a great conversation starter to bond in your equally superior – or awful – taste in booze, and maybe even offer her a drink on you. Just make sure to run far, far away if she’s drinking tequila.

2)      Spill your drink on her

Accidentally of course? Just casually pour a splash on her white top, that way you can show her what a caring, empathetic, and apologetic human you are. You are proving that you can own up to your mistakes and can admit when you’ve fucked up – chicks love when guys apologize. It gives you a shot to be her knight in shining armor and literally offer her the shirt off your back to dry her off. This also works in your favor and gives you an opportunity to show off your rock-hard abs/dad bod and REALLY impress her.

3)      Tell her that she’s way hotter than all of her friends

This works 50% of the time, all the time.

4)      Play it cool

Unless its blatantly obvious that she wants you, be chill and just talk with her. Don’t go grabbing her ass or try to suck her face right away.

5)      Ask her to dance

Once you’ve been talking for a bit, when a good tune comes on ask her to dance (not a slow dance though, please). It shows that you’re fun and don’t care what other people think about you. It’ll also make her feel like she’s being shown off which means attention her way which means happy drunk girl!

6)      Ask her to be your partner in a drinking game

Ding ding ding we have a winner!!! This can be a way to lock this chick in as yours for the rest of the tailgate. Just one piece of advice – don’t get pissed at her if she sucks and loses it because there is a 60% chance that she will. And when she does suck, tell her that she still kicked ass and that you’re happy she was your partner. That way, you’re only partially lying to her face.


7)      Give her food

Bitches love free food.