Giant Options

Well OBJ is gone. The New York Giants are faced with quite a decision, do they take their QB of the future with the 6th pick in the draft or do they figure it out another way.

Option 1

Draft Dwayne Haskins. Dwayne looks like a sure thing and the most polished QB in the draft. One year starter for Ohio State an incredible 50-8 TD to INT ratio. He has played on the biggest stage in college football and has mostly come out on top. Before Kyler Murray decided to go to the NFL Haskins was “ The Guy”. If the Giants used this pick no one would question a thing and say this move makes sense. I truly believe this is the safest option.

Option 2

This one is the one that gets me excited. I think Kingsbury the new coach for the Cardinals is smitten by the chance to draft Kyler Murray with the first pick in the draft and is willing to mortgage his future to Murray which makes Josh Rosen expandable. Rosen did not have a great rookie season but he also played on the worst team in the league with barely any weapons around him. The Cardinals would love to send Rosen out of town for pick 17 in the draft. The Giants would in turn be able to get a premier defensive player with pick 6 (Sweat, Oliver, or Allen). Then in the 2nd round grab a quality wide receiver to add another weapon to the team. A.J Brown to be precise.

I could be completely wrong but option 2 makes a lot of sense when the Giants will have over 100 million to spend on free agents after this upcoming season. I also don’t want to put my faith in a one year starter for the best team in the country whose most notable win is a win over a Michigan team who was poised for a let down. I think Haskins can be good but the learning curves will be steeper than most think.