A New Journey

As a person who is obsessed with sports living in a major sports town was always key. I grew up wanting and wishing for championships. I suffered a lot of heartbreaks and a few big wins. Post college, I made the move to Manayunk and quickly realized Philadelphia is a great place to be when the teams are winning an a very cold place when the teams don’t do so hot. During my short tenure in Philadelphia, I’ve witnessed an Eagles Championship, Villanova win 2 NCAA tittles,the continuation of “The Process” and Phillies get Bryce Harper.

I’ve conformed my fan-hood with Temple Football, Villanova basketball, and the Sixers. While I follow my hometown teams religiously I find myself yelling while listening to WIP every morning and following all major Philly sports teams pretty vigorously. My hope is to share my takes on Philly sports and spread a different perspective that the normal fan my not think of. I will mostly look to tackle the Eagles, Temple Football, Nova Basketball and the Phillies.