Top 5 Tailgate Foods

1. The Hotdog- A staple in the tailgate community; The hotdog is Americana. The hotdog is Saturdays at the ballpark, Summer BBQ’s, Beers with the boys, The Sandlot and everything else that oozes Freedom. They are also cheap, delicious and really hard to mess up.

2. The Burger- If the hotdog is All American, the Burger is the protein that fuels our patriotic bodies. The appeal of the burger is that it can be done is so many ways. Everyone has their own special ingredients, their favorite toppings and different ways that they shape them. While most people go burger given the choice of a burger or a dog, it just doesn’t have the same long standing nostalgia that the hotdog holds.

3. Sausage Sandwich- Very similar to the hotdog, but adds a little class to your tailgate. The sausage sammy is a hit at any tailgate. The toppings are almost just as important. Some like it with a little sauerkraut. Some go the peppers and onions route. Either way the Sausage sammy is a great way to add a little pizzazz to your tailgate party.

4. Chili- Chili is food on this list that takes the most preparation but can sneakily be the most enjoyable option at your tailgate party. You can be creative with Chili. Try different recipes until you find the one that fits you the best. Its also pivitol in those late October/ Early November tailgates. A warm bowl of Chili will go a long way to keeping your drunk little heart from catching hypothermia.

5. Beer- Who needs to eat when you can have a liquid lunch?

Honorable mention:

Soft pretzel tray- We will call this one the Philly Special. Definitely a fan favorite. Just make sure you ask your local Philly Pretzel Factory for an extra container of cheese cause those bad boys will go fast.

Ribs- Ribs are the unicorn of the tailgate community. A lot of people like to make them, but few can do them at a phenomenal level. Word of advice…If you see a guy with a smoker, prepare to make a solid to become allies. A half rack is probably going to cost you a good six pack.

Pulled Pork- Pork pork is a national delicacy. I am not sure I know anyone who doesn’t enjoy it. If there is someone out that that doesn’t enjoy a good pulled pork sammy, chances are they won’t be anywhere near a tailgate.

Fruit- This one is for the Women, Vegans or people who simply ran out of everything else they brought to the tailgate…Relax I am just kidding. Fruit is good for Hydration, Vitamins and throwing into your vodka drink to look like one classy broad.