Tailgater Tire Table : Product Review

Here at thetailg8.com we are super excited to be writing our first product review, and even more stoked that it is of such an amazing product! We are going to look at a few details of the product and how it worked for us. A summary of how we feel about the Tailgater Tire Table: we can’t picture tailgating or camping without it now, but we will tell you more about that in a second.

Packaging & Set up: Everyone knows the feeling of a package being left on your doorstep, and to be honest, the bigger the box, the more exciting it is to open it. The box for the Tire Table is just big enough for the table to fit in, with no extra junk in the box to throw away really. Minimizing waste is always a plus, so easy packaging is great. Inside the plastic surrounding there is a paper with all of the directions, and they were super easy to follow. When we arrived at our tailgate yesterday after unloading our car we got to work on our first attempt at setting the table up. For being our first try it took less than 5 minutes to set up the table and get it in use. The leg of the table is adjustable so this can fit on any size tire. All of the pieces have metal push buttons to lock them into place, and back into their original spot for when you go to take down the table. So, all in all,the packaging was great with minimal waste, and the setup was so easy that once you do it once, every time will be a breeze.


How did we use it: Mainly we used the table yesterday as a grill side table, and a table to hold our drinks and speaker. The table was the perfect height to use next to our grill. We could load and unload food from it, and we set up all of the condiments with the food for easy access.


Overall Thoughts: As you can tell, we loved it! The Tailgater tire table has so many different ways we could use it, and I think the options are endless. It could be a table for camping, or a roadside picnic on a long trip. We could totally see ourselves using this on the back of a jeep for a standing height table. This table is super durable, easy to clean, and takes up no room for storage. Packing this table for your next adventure could eliminate the need for a bulky 6 foot or 4 foot table.

All in all, go check out this table, it is worth the investment, and will last you a lifetime of tailgates and adventures. You never know when the need for a table could come up, and this product could give you the option to always be prepared. Once again, thank you to the Tailgater Tire Table for making an amazing product, and letting us write this review. Make sure you check out this awesome product for a great price on their website http://www.tailgatertiretable.com/ Cheers!