Cracking a Cold One: NBA Finals

The Mecca of the NBA is ahead of us with the NBA Finals. A tale as old as time, the Golden State Warriors versus the Cleveland Cavaliers. We now roll into the 4th straight year of this beloved affair. As I get ready to prepare and pretend I am a huge basketball fan, I sit back and think about who would I want to crack a cold one with.
LeBron James
LeBron is my GOAT. If there is ever a debate about LeBron, Kobe or Jordan I am always team LeBron. I grew up at the tail end of Jordan’s career. King James is the best basketball player on the planet. 2 Olympic gold medals, 4 MVP awards, and 3 NBA finals MVP awards. LeBron not only is the best player on the floor, he is most times the best coach on the floor as well. (sorry Tyronn Lue) If I’m assembling an elite squad from this list King James is numero uno. A few beers and I’ll have LeBron convinced Philly is his best move. LeBron will be the MVP of the tailgate from grill-master, DJ, social butterfly, game enthusiasts. What role can he not handle at a tailgate?
Steph Curry
Get ready for the shock heard around the world. I have never met Steph Curry. Just by looking at him I imagine him being as nice as his jump-shot. Ever since Curry came out of Davidson University, which I respect the hell out of, he became the leader of this team. NBA scoring champion, 2 time NBA regular season MVP. Steph is by far the best shooter in the league and it turns out I need a pong partner. Welcome to the team Steph Curry.
JR Smith
I gotta put J.R. Smith on this list. With us both being from jersey we are practically family, right?Also, J.R. loves to party and may be the biggest party animal in the NBA. J.R. may be an above average basketball player but will be the greatest member of the tailgate team. From popping bottles of champagne all over the country to being shirtless at the Cavaliers championship parade J.R has all the intangibles you look for in someone needed for a member of my tailgate squad.
Steve Kerr
I want to be winner and in order to be a winner you should surround yourself with winners. A real winner is Steve Kerr. Kerr has been a 5 time NBA championships as a player, 2 time NBA championship as a coach and led a previous Warriors team to a NBA record for most wins in a single season. Steve gets how good his team is and allows them to coach themselves sometimes. Bold move but fucking genius. You have got to trust your players and with team that is built with NBA superstars I’m sure they can handle the casual mid game adjustment. Come on down Kerr and crack a cold one. Your role at the tailgate is simple: organize the chaos and put us in a position to have the most fun.