Cracking a Cold One: MLB Stars

If any man nicknamed the “Sultan of Swat” showed up at a tailgate or party I was present at I would immediately toss them a beer and say cheers. Babe Ruth may have not lived through the tailgate era but imagine if he did. Baseball players are born to party and I would love to throw down with a few of them.


Honorable Mentions


Bryce Harper-I’m sure he is one hell of a guy but I refuse to party with the Washington Nationals.


Aroldis Chapman- Cannon for an arm and he is a great closer. Such a good closer that  I don’t want him around any girls I know.

Jacob Degrom– Without a doubt me and Jacob would get along great. We look like we should already be boys, even though cutting his hair made me leave him off the team.


Mike Trout – 5 Tool Player

Let’s be honest, is there anything he can’t do? Mike Trout will set up the canopy, light the grill, be the dj and beat you in flip-cup. If he can do it all on the diamond I’m sure he can do it all in the parking lot. Mike Trout has earned his seat on my tailgate team and will probably give me a run for MVP of the Parking Lot.


Matt Harvey – The Villain

Man do people hate Matt Harvey. The once only beloved by the Mets fan is now on the Reds so I am sure every fan in MLB thinks this guy stinks. Every group needs a common enemy to keep things from getting out of hand, insert Matt Harvey. I wonder if Will from Queens is still crying.


Justin Verlander – Games

I have so many reason why I want to invite Justin Verlander, the most notable one is Kate Upton. She is beautiful and I’d love to meet her. In all seriousness, Justin has a great arm and I’d love to have him throw me deep balls through swarms of people. If the man can paint the the corner of home plate from 60.6 inches I am sure he can score a perfect 4-4 in cornhole.


David Ortiz – Culture

David Ortiz is one of my favorite players of all time and needs to be there. Even though he is not in the league anymore, I am sure that man can thrown down a few beers and loves a good meal. Any man who gets called Big Papi is also probably a ladies man and that is good for when Kate Upton and company show up.


Joey Votto-Why not

Joey Votto has always looked like a guy I want to crush a few beers with, but I was sold after he asked Jim Day to do “Gym Day with Jim Day” during a spring training game a few months ago. The guy can hit for average, power and be a leader. Joey would have no problem stepping up and be a leader at the tailgate or know when to take a back seat and be a team player.