Way too Early NFL Win Totals Part 1!

With sports gambling about to run wild around the United States we know some of our fans at TheTailG8 are pumped. Nothing says a good time like tailgating a football game, going to the game and throwing 100 doll-hairs on your team prior to kickoff and hoping you can cash in that ticket. Football is my shit and I couldn’t help but stumble on the win total odds when the news broke this morning.  We will be doing a break down of division by division.

If your new to betting and returns it is very simple  for example: 49ers Over 8.5 wins -145 Under 8.5 +125. If you bet the over you will have to risk $145 dollars to win $100. If you bet the Under  you risk $100 to win $125

We will start In the NFC East and work our way down.

Over 8.5 +125
Under 8.5 -145
The Cowboys have a tough draw this year and I think the NFC east will get beat up by the Eagles while the Giants, Cowboys and Redskins beat up each other. Some notable teams out of division and conference are the entire NFC south which boost 3 playoff teams, the Jaguars, Texans (healthy Desean Watson) and Lions. Some very winnable games with Bucs, and Colts. All over the Under. There is no shot this team wins 9 games. Zeke is great, but I don’t buy that the weapons at WR and TE are enough to make Dak Prescott an elite quarterback.
Bet the under, lay the juice, cash the ticket.

Over 10.5 -110
Under 10.5 -110
The Champs are back and Carson Wentz should be healthy and if not, who cares right?They have Big Dick Nick and God all in one locker room. In all seriousness, the schedule is scary for them minus the Bucs, Titans, Colts and pretty much anyone in their division. I think they will go 5-1 in the division and win most of their games this season.  Do they win 11 games absolutely. Do they repeat absolutely not.
Bet the Over.

Over 8.5 +140
Under 8.5 -160
This New York Giants team is tricky. They were the best 3-13 team of all time and had fired their JV football coach mid-season. They went out and grabbed Dave Gettlemen for the front office and Pat Shurmer to coach the team.  They spent money on the O-line and overpaid Nate Solder and hope that OBJ will return to the player he was prior to injury. The first two picks used to revamp the offense with  Barkley at RB and Guard  Will Hernandez to partner with Solder. This is a 7 win team at best. The schedule is too tough and will most likely split the Division games or go 2-4.
Bet the Under.

Over 5.5 -160
Under 5.5 +140
I think Vegas wishes they could move this to 6.5 but they wouldn’t be able to get enough action for them either way. Alex Smith is in QB after Kirk goes to the Vikings. Plain and simple: in the division they either split with Giants and Cowboys or take both series, and obviously will lose twice to the Eagles. However the schedule isn’t too tough and they can easily win 7 games.
Bet the Over.