Cracking a Cold One: NBA Superstars

The NBA has the best personalities in professional sports, hands down.  I can name twice the amount of players I would enjoy cracking a cold one than the other sports.  I think the reason behind that is because the NBA is one of the most cultured leagues of the big four sports leagues in the USA.  Baseball is cultured too, but they don’t have the same personalities as the NBA players.  Take a look at my starting 5 coming to my tailgate to crack a cold one.


1.       Allen Iverson — Culture

Growing up through AI’s prime – hands down my favorite basketball player of all time.  AI had the moxie that made him a legend in Philly.  He is known as a force that changed the culture in the NBA.  Not only does AI have the culture to change a league, he would be able to bring that culture to a tailgate.


2.       Shaq — Head Food Guy

The funniest guy in NBA history deserves a spot in all tailgates.  There’s a reason this dude has been a spokesman for almost every single brand.  Could you imagine Shaq grillin burgers and dogs, getting caked off some Henny?  Next thing you know hes posting up Jordan trying to prove to himself that he was the greatest of all time.


3.       Jordan — Motivation 1 on 1

A lot of people believe that Jordan was the greatest of all time on the court, but Jordan also starred in potentially the best cartoon movie of all time: Space Jam.  Also, Jordan has some fire motivational sayings.  “The ceiling is the roof”


4.       Lebron — 🐐 1 on 1

In my opinion Lebron will be the greatest player of all time.  Also, I am trying to get Lebron and Jordan to go 1 on 1 at my tailgate because as a man of the people and for the people I want to give them what they want.


5.       Joel Embiid — Booze and Shirley Temples

JoJo has the funniest personality in the NBA today, and a lot of people hate him for it.  He trolls the fuck out of other teams and their fans, but will be the first to congratulate if they get the best of him. JoJo is a dude that is living in the moment and just wants to have a good time while he’s playing.  Also Embiid and Shaq in the same vicinity will be the funniest duo of all time.