Hosting an NFL Draft Party

If you are anything like us over here at, you may have a little bit of an unhealthy obsession with sports. For me, that sport is football. Most notably the National Football League. My fiancée may actually tell you that she thinks I love football more than her (she’s wrong, it’s a tie). During the gloom of the offseason, the NFL fans get a few rays of sunshine: the combine, the various Senior Bowls and of course the Draft. To prepare, I sit in my living room watching college game tape and drooling over the thought of my team drafting the next “save the franchise” superstar.


To celebrate this great event, I host a draft party. A draft party? Yes! A draft party! There will be 15-20 of my closest friends coming over to celebrate the start of another NFL season. With the NFL draft starting on a Thursday Night the party usually starts on Friday night, since most of us, have to work that day. I take the day off from work on Draft Friday to nurse my body back to life with either a celebration on how great my team is now, or drown in sorrow on how our GM ruined a no-brainer first round pick.


The key to the event is very similar to a tailgate. Friends, booze, more booze, and a side of snacks that never get touched until 1 AM. First and foremost tv viewing is critical. I personally will have 3 tv’s set up: One tv with the NFL network, the second with ESPN, and the third is the key…that tv will be hooked up to a laptop that is streaming highlight tapes of players on Youtube. In terms of food we usually do the basic football food necessities: Pizza, wings, hoagie trays and a pretzel tray (Philly Fans know this a must). It takes some bribery but I can usually convince my saint of a significant other to make her famous cheeseburger dip.  The last thing needed is coolers with ice. As an adult I keep my fridge stocked with boring salad dressings, expired yogurts, cheese, eggs, and the random assortment of IPA’s I won’t drink. That is why coolers are so important, to keep this much beer cold without emptying the entire fridge of the nonsense. There will be enough beer in my house to stock an all-inclusive resort for two days, easily.


To be honest, whatever you decide to for the NFL draft make sure you are having fun with friends and celebrating the birth of another season with that will mostly likely to end with disappointment.