Top 5 Outdoor Games

Yard games make the world happy and give us something to distract ourselves from the many coolers packed with booze. Your ability to compete against your friends and new acquaintances says a lot about who are as a person and what sort of athlete you may or may not have been. Not all games are created equally and some should held in higher regards than others.  At the we love games, and on occasion at the headquarters (aka our home in Philly) we keep the CornHole boards set up in the living room. We will examine the best outdoor-games and attempt to rank the top 5. Just remember the top 5 is always up for debate.

1. CornHole- By far the Mecca of tailgate/ backyard games. A beloved sport enjoyed and loved by all. CornHole has taken the world by storm and occasionally can even be seen on ESPN.  CornHole can be played at any location from a tailgate, backyard BBQ, beach, park and anyplace in between. Our favorite game and well deserving of the number one spot. Also CornHole boards have the endless design possibilities. They can showcase your favorite sports team, frat, sorority, university or even your favorite past time.

2. Horseshoes- An american classic and a staple of any decent sized yard in America that prides itself on being the outdoorsy type. The biggest downfall to horseshoes is its nearly impossible to play at a parking lot tailgate.

3. KanJam- Who would have thought a yellow Frisbee and garbage can looking piece of plastic would make someone a millionaire? Cheers to Paul and Charles from Buffalo, you guys are the real MVP’s. In all seriousness KanJam is very simple but a highly competitive game. It can be enjoyed by most ages, and a fun game to sit around and watch if you are not playing. The biggest downfall is it can be tough at tailgate if you are limited on space, or if you stink at throwing a frisbee (me).

4. Washers- The horseshoes of tailgating. Fun game that can be played by both kids and adults.  they also have versions with bean bags, to change the game up a little.

5. LadderBall- his game has a quick and easy set up process. It is also a great game for all ages. This game can be enjoyed in almost any setting, and doesn’t require a lot of space to play or store.


Honorable mentions

SpikeBall- Best played on the beach due the fact that it can be an intense game that involves a lot of moving and diving

Stump- Cool game but could be potentially dangerous. This game is for certain age groups, and limits its ability to be in the top 5.

Jenga- A childhood game that has made a comeback in recent years. Jenga can be the ultimate bonding experience to get everyone involved and more fun than competitive. You also have a lot of options with the life size Jenga.